How do the workshops look like?

Workshops are conducted in small groups (up to 10 people), everything is done online, so you can work when it suits you best, all the time having guidance and support from the entire group. Besides learning and practising (the entire programme is focused on practise), you will have a lot of fun and make new acquaintances with lovely and positive people.

If youa reinterested in workshops, please send an e-mail on:, and we will send you all the necessary information.

Below you can read some stories and impressions from the participants of the workshops:

Ivana: I cannot describe how glad I am I started this self-development journey. So many changes happened in my life in the past month thanks to the methods I used during the workshop. I studied the law of attraction for quite a while, listened to youtube videos, read books, followed a variety of blogs and facebook pages, and all I can say I knew it all in theory, but it kind of did not work in practice.

But, when I started this journey, everything started to sit in its place in my head, and now I am aware how much I actually did not understand before. I realized the importance of gratitude and the present moment, that helped me to feel much better and more relaxed. There were a lot of manifestations, synchronicities, signs that I am on the right path and I enjoyed experiencing them. The biggest manifestation in this month is a new job. And not just any job, but exactly the one I wanted, and even working hours suit me and the location is perfect!

What is the most interesting of all, I did not even apply for this job, it found me! This manifestation showed me that anything is possible and that if we work on self-development daily, results will be visible very fast.

 Nena: During the workshops I got a job after 12 years of unemployment! I stepped out of my comfort zone, what I had been avoiding for long. I manifested wonderful relationships with colleagues at work as well, a certain amount of money and a desired piece of clothing. Maybe the biggest realization for me was how much resistance I have had towards money! My belief was that I did not have it at all when it comes to money.

Zdenka: Yes! It fulfilled my expectations! It surpassed them!!! A new business idea came to me, I realized what I want, I came back to myself, I am finally applying methods, the list of benefits is endless, because I cannot even imagine how this would impact and help me in the future, I just know it will… Wow!!!

Dijana:  Everything before this group was just a theory, a lot of theory with little practice. Dijana showed us how to aplly knowlegde, giving us tasks, that were helpful and fun! Group work is such a support and so motivstional! And the importance of everyday work is actually the difference I did not realize myself before. This was such an amazing experience, and I am definitely continuing with another workshop. Thank you!

Ana: During the workshop I had awesome manifestations, and for the first time I truly understood how to let go. How to want it, but not need it, and feel good and there it is… All of it is much easier when you are in the present moment … I realized that I flirted with a lot of techniques, but was not dedicated, I did not practice them regularly and therefore my results were lacking and then I get into blame etc.

During the workshop I truly understood the power of the present moment and presence, it just “clicked” for me and I kind of understood everything I learned and read before. There was a “click” with the present moment.

Ivana: This workshop came just when it was needed, as everything arrives at the right moment. A month ago I left a comment on Dijana’s instagram profile and received Skype coaching with her, and since then everything got better! I admit that at the beginning everything was “difficult”, I had to make an effort and do the tasks. When you are in a negative “momentum”, it is necessary to make an effort and make the first steps in the opposite direction!

And then you notice that the tasks are no longer an effort, you notice that you are feeling better, you notice more and more good things so you wonder, “Wow, how come I have not seen this so far?” I look forward to Wednesdays when we have workshops. And circumstances are changing in line with me and my growth. I’ve had many manifestations, contrasts come and go, and the most valuable thing I learned is: “I do not have to do anything”, and expect to have a calm head and a clear mind! That is the most precious thing I have learned!

Nataša:  These workshops with Dijana served me in many ways and for a number of reasons. Firstly, I understood what Dijana writes about in her texts in a completely new way. Doing the tasks she was giving us, I discovered a lot of resistance in me I was not even aware it existed before. I learned to be more focused on the present moment and this is the path that serves me especially when I face contrasts. The present moment is the core as well as the way I feel. I also learned not to “drag” the past to the present for the purpose of analysis only, if it does not serve me, but when a specific situation occurs. I really learned a lot.

Ankica: The workshop was a big surprise for me because through the assignments I met with my deep beliefs and self-sabotages. For years I collected knowledge and self-developed, but surrounded by so many information and techniques I overlooked the most important thing – “How to enjoy the moment every day? How to make everything be more easy? How to simply let go trusting and knowing that all will be well?’’ Answers to these and many other questions I received during the workshop. I realized how much power there is in the present moment, how much pleasure a morning meditation in silence provides, and understood the power of focus… And after three weeks I am no longer the same because I have a deep peace and no matter what happens during the day, I now know that all is well and I enjoy life more. I am grateful to Dijana for her inspiring leadership and coaching and to the entire group for their support and motivation.

Jasmina: Thanks to Dijana’s blog posts which resonated with me, I did not have many second thoughts about the workshop, and it proved to be even more than that! I was really impressed with the tasks related to focus and present moment, when I experienced a habit of noticing beautiful things and simply enjoying more. I became aware of the breatthing, and I use it to be in the present moment. I also became aware of my thoughts, I realized that I choose them, and therefore that I myself can influence them and change them! I became more sensitive to vibrations, and I recognize them more quickly now.

Magdalena:  This workshop helped me re-introduce a wonderful daily routine which for various reasons I had stopped practising before. Isn’t it nice to develop such wonderful new habits? Now I try to be more in the moment, I notice when a torrent of thoughts in my head starts its show and stop them. I become aware of the emotion and now I realize that I am not my thoughts and emotions. I noticed my old programs switching on, and although it is hard sometimes, I remember Dijana’s words and remind myself that I decided to change.

I feel much better now, I am more positive, I raise my vibration more easily. The most important of all is that now I am practising this frequently, several times throughout the day I remind myself of what I want, I do the methods that I learned even when I am driving or when I am waiting in a row, or even when I am washing dishes or doing some of the most ordinary things. I know that I will continue with this becouse it is easy and applicable in almost any situation, and I know this is only a beginning of something wonderful.

Nevia: I was so impressed with the workshops and group work, which is so powerfull! I know that self-development is individual work and I love it, but in a group it is a “wow”! A lot more is ahead of me, because I am really only at the beginning but these few weeks only strengthened my will and desire for more, more and more.

Aleksandra: For a while I have been self-developing, but I needed someone to give me guidance and tell me what to do and when to do it. The workshop was my inspired action; nothing would have stopped me from participating in it! Group work and the energy during the workshops cannot be described in words; the support we gave each other is priceless. I enjoyed the tasks and guidelines. Although manifestations themselves were not the target, I manifested myself an advert for my dream job and I got it! It all happened easily and like in a dream. God, the Universe started to align when I aligned, and I constantly witness synchronicities. But what is the most important, I feel good in alignment with who I am. I cannot wait for next workshop, with such wonderful people, and I really look forward to continuing this journey.

Tatjana: Exchange of experience, encouragement and support of the whole group is a whole new dimension that can not be comapred with any book or video. The tasks that we had helped me become more aware of my limiting beliefs, misconceptions and prejudices; they are really excellent. Dijana’s suggestions, explanations or comments in a direct contact left a much stronger impression on me then when I read ‘’words on paper’’, although her beautiful blog posts motivated me to enroll in the workshop to begin with. The workshop is after all more practical and launches you to apply the theory.

Gabi:  Before the workshop, I read something about the law of attraction, I liked the basic principles and I believed it all made sense. I tried something on my own, but in such a variety of information and teachings, I just did not know where to start or what to choose. Then I found Dijana and her workshop.

I knew that this was the path to proceed with, because I think that in the process of learning and personal growth it is so extremely important to have a support from the one who knows more, and a good coach is invaluable. At the workshop we received specific instructions and assignments. Before the workshops I was a person who was mainly focused on the bad, both outside and inside, and now I turned into a person who feels great, who is in good mood most of the time, smiling, happy, cheerful, and who talks about beautiful things and feels happy without a specific reason. Some circumstances have changed woith my mood as well, of course, but the most important thing for me are those good feelings that reside inside me right now… My heart is big and full!

Milica:  One of the many beautiful things that this workshop brought to me, was a better feeling, beautiful friendships and a confirmation of how we all just need a little to change for good. Thanks to Dijana and her knowledge and everything she tought us, that I apply every day, and to the group, I achieved a lot and I look forward to new victories.

Sanja:  I am very happy and satisfied with these workshops, even more than I expected. I have a feeling that I applied all the knowledge I’ve had so far and that is amazing! I am so glad I was a part of this workshop.

Suzana:  My life started changing for better and better, from getting up with a smile every morning to going to bed at night with a smile on my face. My relationships with people changed, I became cheerfull and I feel FANTASTIC and I started to attract into my life many new positive, smiling people, just like me. My relationship with my partner changed and he changed as well: previously he was not interested in our home, and now I do not recognize him, he is renovating our living room and kitchen! My vibration towards money has also changed, and I realized the power of giving and receiving.

Sonja: I am very happy and I really learned a lot. It is very important to me to have someone to share experience with. Here I have no one with whom I could talk about it – I mean like this, like we girls do it. I cannot wait for the new workshop. Thank you!

Dragana:  I came across this blog “accidentally”, joined the facebook group, and when I saw some people thanking Dijana for coaching adn how it helped them, I realized I was missing something. So I made sure that I do not miss the next group and contacted Dijana. And as a result I got a new “me” who finally made the first move (before I read a lot, watched videos, studied theory, I even went to some seminars, I occasionally meditated, but without continuity). I got the group support and synergy, wonderful new friendships and it was really, really nice.

Koni: Every day I say wooooow!!!  I did not think about the expectations when I applied for the workshop, I just knew I wanted to be a part of it… And now it is clear that it is the best thing for me… I am flying and feeling good, and at the same time I am in peace with myself… I am having a wonderful time!!!

Željka: I expected positivity, encouragement and guidance. Have I got it? Yes. Have I got the unexpected? Yes. I got insights. To catch, understand and control my thoughts is such a success for me. I remember how I reacted before, and now I know how I can handle the situations much better.

Hrvoje: When the workshop started in a group of 10 people, I could not even dream of everything that was in front of me, but I knew it was the right path. One of the changes I noticed is that I am more clear about the path I want to take and what I truly want to do in life. It all got strengthened, because now I see things more clearly. I personally could not release the desires, because I was the kind of person who wanted to manifest everything as quickly as possible, so I was never in the present moment. I remember vividly the first week, because I felt such freedom form my desires, and for the first time I was really joyful, free and relaxed. Later, I felt my allignment, and clarity and I felt the energy of my Vortex. I now understand I always aspired for feelings of joy, clarity, enjoyment, love and freedom and now I am living it.

Marija: The past month for me was a month of transformation. I feel so much better after the workshop in every way. I have my inner peace. I look forward to small things, I enjoy every day more, I look at people, things, events, differently, I laugh more. I learned how to let go and just be happy in the now. I do not take for granted what I have… I am grateful for it. It is easier for me to deal with contrasts and problems now, and there are quite are. I was not even thinking  about manifestations, because I was enjoying everything that is already manifested! I know that everything comes at the right time.

Tanja:  So here we are at the end of this workshop but also at the beginning of new friendships that I hope will once be more than virtual. What I realized one morning, the last week of our workshop is that, to me, all self-development work is not significant because of manifestations as such. Manifesting is not the goal as such, but only part of the joy of our journey. The essential and most important to me is my inner peace, and enjoyment in every day and every moment. Then the name “joinmeinjoy” made sense.

I became more aware of every moment in which I am, and especially those moments that we call “challenges” – now I react much more calmly and differently in these moments… Yes, of course some situations in my life resolved easier and better and many areas of my life improved. And yes, there is joy in every moment. I particularly want to emphasize the fact that now I feel thankful all the time. Dear Dijana, thank you very much, for the tasks, love, energy and of course this perfect blog you share with us…

Helena: Honestly, I wanted this workshop because I expected a lot and I knew, I felt it inside and said to myself “Go with with this woman, just go, go!” and so it was. I am awakening consciously. I thought I was awakened, but in the last few days – OMG… Thank you, thanks to the girls from the group! It was a pleasure to be with you and a privilege to learn from you, Dijana. THANK YOU!!!

Nika: Now I am more happy ‘for no reason’, and I figured out how to meditate without guided meditations! Thoughts that do not serve me I simply ‘catch’ in the moment and try to change them. Thanks for the useful posts how to get to know myself and love myself! Thanks for the super fun tasks! Thanks for the better feeling that I have from the very morning! Reading your blog, I knew I would not make a mistake if I sign up for the workshop and I was right! I look forward to the continuation of our friendship as well as the new workshops.

Tatjana: The biggest change for me is increased awareness, I am conscious of the moment. I have a better thought control, I notice my patterns which bring me down and try to change them. I am better in listening to my own emotions…

Emanuela:  Throughout the day I feel happiness and joy most of the time. At work I manage to catch myself when I start feeling that old, uncomfortable feeling and turn myself to positive easier.

Ika:  I am far more calmer! I learned how to control my thoughts, especially the negative ones! Consciousness and awareness are constantly growing, and I am aware it is a journey, in which I am really enjoying! I enjoy meditations without which I cannot imagine mornings any more!!! Thanks for your help and guidance through the workshop where I met wonderful girls, learned so much about myself, changed my life with your beautiful guidance, and learned the magic of the journey! Thank you for everything and I cannot wait for new workshops.

Anja:  If someone could have somehow managed to measure how I felt during these workshops I think everything would have been clear to them. One thing clicks for you, then another, and of course, I did not stay just on “clicking”, but also applying what I found out. All of this was even more powerfull for me because of the challenges I was facing when I applied for the workshop. Shortly before the workshop, I decided to experience living and working in another country.

I was impressed with myself, how well I managed it all, although being totally out of my comfort zone (which I cannot even call that way any more) in a perfect place to apply all thhose new methods and things I found out and learned during workshops. Now I do things with far more ease, I am more relaxed and calm, with simultaneous feelings of  happiness and gratitude. And it is not just one thing, but one brought the second one, the second one brought the third one… and everything just lined up in front of me, aligned and clear. I am a whole lot more aware of what surrounds me. And the most important thing is that I really feel good, great actualy, fantastic! Some things really can not be expressed with words! The most important change for me is that I am a far more conscious creator!

Emilly: I’m glad I started this journey, the workshop and assignments helped me to become aware of a lot of things. I see the biggest change in this awareness actually. It is much easier for me to go through life and difficult situations now, because I do not see them in the same way. My perspective shifted, and so did everything else. I know I still have a lot of self-development to do, the journey lasts a lifetime, but during the workshop many things clicked for me. Thank you for sharing all this knowledge generously with all of us who want to live in joy. I look forward to continuation of the program and all the wonderful people I met and will meet in future…

Nina: I managed to increase my feeling of appreciation to such a level that every day I was close to tears as soon as I would relax and start to count blessings. Often during the day a beautiful deep feeling of love would appear as a consequence of becoming aware of appreciation and it was felt most by my loved ones who responded with much love. As a reward for my persistent self-development work in the past month, when the workshop took place, today I am in a hospital bed as the happiest mother in the world holding my third treasure in my hands. A healthy pregnancy, easy, smooth, natural and healthy delivery, a healthy baby… Everything I put into my vortex lined up by itself. I just let go and had faith. I still count my blessings daily, and laugh and cry from the beauty I am surrounded with, and I am peaceful because I know that everything always happens for my greatest good.

Tanja:  More presence in the moment… awareness, contrasts which I interpret as beginnings of some changes…

Nirvana: For me this is a journey with no return, I really enjoy the changes that happened to me during the workshop. I realized how much I changed when I was in the middle of a heated discussion, and I consciously said to myself, hey, I do not want this and I turned around the other way so easily, light as a feather! Before I would immediately explode! That was amazing! For me this is the greatest success, I am just so happy and proud!

Alexandra:  First I want to thank you for everything. I am so happy and grateful to be a part of this group led by you. My heart is full. I became calmer because I realized that it is not about what happens to us but how we look at it and our lives in general. I manifested a lot of nice things, but also those less beautiful ones which just pointed out to my fears and that manifestations are a reflection of our vibration. I laugh more. Sometimes I am in the clouds and think I can fly. Raising my vibration in the midst of a contrast was a challenge and I progressed by practising during and after the workshop. This wonderful experience was a great motivation and a proof that we create our own life. Thanks a lot for everything!

Ana-Marija: I understand the power of vibration more consciously, how to be on a high vibration, how to feel good for no special reason, because everything is good! Therefore I attract many good things into my life, better than I imagined, because the universe responds and knows what is the best for me!

Sanja:  First of all thank you, Dijana, for the workshop and the whole program, it really was an interesting and beautiful experience. My life has not changed so drastically, but I definitely realized how much self-development is important, and in particular daily regular work. I was also moved and motivated to turn theory into practice and I thank you so much for that. I think everyone should at least once go through such a form of education because it really opens your eyes to some things you have not seen before. Thanks a lot, Dijana, again, and thanks to the whole group as well, this energy in the group was indeed amazing.