Where is my Vortex?

I have been studing the Law of Attraction for so long and there is not that much to understand really! Just choose a better feeling, choose to follow your joy, and that will bring you to a higher vibration, and everything else fits in itself. Well, this is all wisdom. Abraham says: "You can not get everything from your Vortex just like that. You must pay the terrible price - feel good!" That's how much irony is in this story. You don't feel good because your desires have not manifested yet, and your desires have not manifested yet because you don't feel good.

How Abraham sees us

There is nothing that we are supposed to do, change or improve within ourselves. We already are absolutely perfect beings. If from this moment onwards we never do anything at all, not one single thing, everything we have done so far is more than enough. Our value is always recognized by those who know what the real value is.