I give up the fight

Why this title, you might be wondering? 🙂 Actually, I wanted to put the title of a song from Tina Turner (“I don’t wanna fight”), which I heard recently, and reminded me of a situation long ago, very long time ago, when I came home one day, tired and exhausted, and when that song was exactly what I needed at that point. It was such an inside shift for me, that I still remember that even today.

At that time I had been fighting for months… and I was really exhausted. I did not know what I was doing, I did not know some of the things I know today, and I thought I had to fight. I thought it was all about the action.

The struggle left its trace, and my intuition obviously came across this song and whispered to me what was best for me in that moment. I remember hearing the song and I felt some strange relief.

I don’t care who is right and who is wrong, I  don’t care who to blame … It’s time for letting go. This is what the song was telling me (and it really felt like it is saying this to me), and hearing this letting go I have seen a new door opening for me, new beginnings, new opportunities…

I realized that I no longer wanted to hold on to the past, that I do not want to involve in meaningless conversations any more, struggles, discussions…  I knew my only good feeling was to release and let go…

These words are all the opposite to control, which was of immense importance to me then because I wanted and tried to influence my life by controlling it, wherever I could and even where I could not.

And when you try to control things that are out of your control, it gets very interesting. However, as there is certainly a seed of good in everything, and it is only a question of whether we see it or not in the given moment, this experience has shown me that there was something wrong in this mighty struggle.

I let go. Not knowing what I did with that move. Today I know it was a good thing. I also know that the feeling of relief means that the step is made in the desired direction. Then I did not know that. I didn’t know what would be the result of this decision. But I didn’t care. Not any more. 

I wanted relief. I wanted peace. I wanted to feel better. And then, the song came, I listened, and suddenly I felt better. And I just moved on. It’s time for letting go. “Well, yes. It is time.”, I thought.

Are you currently having some struggles? Are you tired of trying to control what’s outside of your control? Maybe you’re already exhausted from some of the battles you’ve been running for a long time? Leave it. Let it go. Maybe it’s time for that. Listen to the song.

Releasing something from a firm handshake always leaves room for something new. And you get some extra energy you spent before in that tight handshake.

In fact, we cannot keep anything by holding it tight in our firm handshake. All we need and all that belongs to us we get to have wehn we release it.

Love you all 🙂


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