Vibration of (lack of) love

After I wrote  my last text (“To love and to be loved”) I went for a road trip. I had a long journey ahead of me and at one point while I was driving I remembered the text I wrote. And I remembered that I didn’t write something that I believe is important to many of you… But as my woriting is always inspirational, I know there’s a reason why that particular sentence didn’t get written …

What is it about? In my last article I wrote about love, and how we need to look for love in the right place, which is within us and it will always be found. How we need to focus on allowing the love to flow from us, and not to look for someone else to projected love to us so we could feel loved.

The part that I didn’t write is: “And when you do that, when you focus on finding that part of you that loves, and when you let love flow, when you feel the vibration of love, then the one that will love you in the same way CAN NOT NOT SHOW UP. ” The Law of Attraction works always. Unmistakably.

And then after my long drive, when I arrived at the destination I saw this comment: “Why should I be one of those who console themselves with their self-love  while others are strolling around happy in the arms of their partners?” Great question!

The answer is: “Because you need to change your vibration of love!”

You don’t console yourself with self-love, and don’t necessarily need to direct love towards yourself; what is essential is to find that part of you that loves, that simply loves, just loves, anything, anyone. Focus on loving.

Because when you focus on receiving love, what is your vibration? I don’t have love. What does universe send back into your reality? Lack of love! The moment you find love in yourself, and you start to flow it, love will come back. That’s the whole story.

Why did I leave this sentence out? Like I said, I do everything inspirationally so I believe there is a reason. Because if you read yesterday’s text, and then you focus on finding love inside of yourself, but you know that you are only doing it to attract love and for someone to love you, it is most likely you will still send out the lack of love.

Only when your intention is pure, you are in the vibration of love, not lack of love!

I want to love, I do love, I love you, I love that I love you and I love, love, love, love … and I do not care if you love me back. I do not care who loves me and who doesn’t love me! I do not care who is happy around me in the arms of their love. I do not care! I just love. I love that I love. Do you feel it?

“…and others are happy strolling around in the arms of their partners.” I find that comment very interesting. I remember a while ago I was on my way home from the city. Alone. And in front of me I saw a couple, embraced in each others arms. They looked so deeply in love… You could feel the warmth around them.

Then I looked further down the road and saw an ad that said “More than 15 years of love”. I think it was an ad for McDonald’s or something 🙂 What I thought in that moment was: “Wow, I am on the vibration of love right now!”

This is so important. When you see a couple in love, do you think, “Look at them, and I’m alone?” Or do you think: “Hey, look at them so in love! How wonderful is that! And I see it … That means I’m on the vibration of love too”….

It’s not up to the world around you, but how you see it. And when you see something, when you see a couple in love, what you think after, that is your vibration. And that is why you are where you are.

Love you all 🙂


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