To love and to be loved

Remember a time when you felt unloved? When your love wasn’t reciprocated? How did it feel? Painful, right? One of the worst?

Abraham once said that although they do not want it to be so, we find it the hardest to love the person we see in the mirror. And when we are looking for love in others, there will always be moments when we feel unrequited love. For no one can completely and at all times keep us right in the center of their attention and ‘project’ their love at us. Nobody. Except for one person. Only one person always stands firm in love, is always there, never leaves us out of it’s sight and loves us always. It is our Higher Self, our Source.

When we look for love in others, and we often do, (after all who does not want to love and be loved), but when we look for love in the wrong place, and that is every place outside of us, it is for sure that in some moments we won’t find it. Sometimes we will. Sometimes others will look at us with love, shower us with so much love it will be wonderful. But, not always. Not constantly. And if we “get hooked” on that feeling that we need others to feel loved, and thus to be in harmony with who we really are, we will certainly experience feeling “unloved”.

I didn’t find it easy to digest this when I started listening to Abraham. I was expecting a different answer. Maybe a little more romantic. You know the usual, there is real love you’ll love someone and they will love you back and everything is great. But no. Abraham says, you know where love is, only in one place, you want love? Then go there. Look for it there. There is no other answer. There is no other place! Ahem, okay.

And then you catch yourself in the moments when you feel love, everything is great, love is flowing and you know you’re on a high vibration and the feeling is phenomenal. And you feel the love from all around you, and that is great too… And then suddenly, it’s gone.

You start looking and searching for that love in some other eyes, but there’s no sign of it. That person is in his own world now, and you can look all you want but there’s nothing. Emptiness. How did it disappear? Has it disappeared?

Then you remember, you are obviously not in the Vortex. But that isn’t any consolation…. I don’t care about the Vortex, I want to be loved. It’s great to be in the Vortex, but I just want to be loved. And then you get hit with the feeling of not being loved, which isn’t pleasant at all :)….. But to you it seemed like you were just “sending” love not expecting anything in return … Eh!

What I realized is that Abraham is right (I agreed with the infinite intelligence 🙂 ). No matter how unloved you feel, it is always a matter of the moment! It is not an unrequited love from a certain person that hurts us, because if that was the case then we would always feel it, it would always hurt.

What hurts us in that moment is our distance from ourselves, from our source, from who we are. And as soon as we are back in tune with ourselves, in any way, we will not feel that “horrible” feeling of being unloved, and then we know that the other person and their “unrequited” love has nothing to do with us and our pain. They do not.

Everything that has to do with us is in our hands. Cruel, isn’t it? We must make an effort in order to feel loved, to be in tune with ourselves, we can’t delegate it … 🙂

We can become more distant from our higher self, but we can never ever separate. I imagine it as an elastic band that we are connected to, and on the other end is our higher self. As we move further away it starts to feel “tight”, painful, we start to feel disharmony. Imagine how much dissonance there is when you feel unloved. What a distance from the truth!

If we weren’t loved we would not even exist! Pure love created us. We came here for contrast, we have come to experience what it’s like to feel unloved so that we can get to know how much we are loved! And every time you feel unloved, when the elastic band is feeling “tight”, you are actually helping love to expand! Yes, your higher self is now in a place of an even greater, stronger love and calling you. And the moment you slightly relax, let go, release the resistance, elastic band will pull you back to your higher self. Not where you were before you moved away, but further, to a more beautiful place, where your higher self is now, where the love has become even bigger and stronger!

And if in this moment you feel even slightly unloved, just remember what awaits you! The only thing we need to remember when we are looking for love is it’s right place. In us. Don’t look for love from others. Look for the part of self that loves. Yes, that part. Do not look for love in the eyes of others, instead let it radiate from your eyes. Look for reasons to love, and just simply – love…

Love you all  🙂


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