Are you observing or creating?

Are you observing your current reality? Or are you creating a desired one? Just asking 🙂

All my life I was taught to be “realistic”. Which roughly translates into observing current reality and within it’s frame creating plans for the future. But it’s got to be built on solid foundations. It has to be “realistic”.

For a long time I thought of myself as a realist. Sometimes I was even proud of it. It sort of means you don’t complement yourself, you don’t dream, you are firmly on your two feet facing the truth no matter how cruel it might be. Oh dear! I had no idea what I was doing. Dreamers used to get on my nerves, because what kind of a world are they living in?! Look at the reality and they are up in the clouds…..

I’m sure some will recognize themselves in those sentences… Real is real. Maybe you’ve started to flirt with the idea of creating, the idea of us being creators but there’s no movement and the reality is still here. It’s what you see. You can’t tell me it’s not what it is, when it is. What about vibration? Sounds amazing but where is it? So many people are working on their vibration and the Law of Attraction but where are the manifestations? I mean, come on look at the reality! How can I believe in something that doesn’t exist and at the same time ignore what’s right in front of me? On my bank account? In my garage?

I had to research everything in depth and analyse 1001 facts and scientific proofs. After all I was a realist. But the real change happens when you experience what energy is and how it functions on your own skin.

So how does it all work you ask?

Do you want a shortened, simplified version of this story? Aks yourself these questions as often as you can: Am I creating now? Or am observing? And that’s it.

What does that mean? Everything you see now is not the present, it’s the past! Yes, the past. I can’t begin to tell all the thoughts that crossed my mind when I first heard this. My goodness! What past?! And I’m seeing it now. It’s the present. That’s my reality.

Well, it’s not the present. You see, the present is this right now very moment that you’ve become aware of whilst reading these words and it has become the past even before you’ve finished reading this sentence. Now you see how important the present is that even before you become aware of it becomes the past.

And now that we’ve concluded that the current reality is actually the past, all that makes sense is to turn to the future. I love the example with the car. When you are driving a car do you have a glass floor and do you constantly look at it to see where you are in every moment because you are a realist in your present reality? Is the view in front of you obscured? Or is it the other way around? Do you look ahead to see where you are going? Because it’s irrelevant where you are, it will change anyway. But the road ahead of you is definitely important. It’s important how you hold your steering wheel and where is your focus? Because that is where you’ll arrive!

I remember the time when I started my driving lessons. At the start the car was all over the road. My instructor told me that is because I was looking too close in front. He said I needed to focus on the road further ahead. And when I did that the car started to smoothly move ahead in a straight line.

And now I ask you, are you observing or are you creating? Are you looking at the floor or straight ahead of you? Are you looking at the space few millimeters in front or are you looking in the distance, you see the road and know the destination?

And that’s how simple it is. Visualize that destination, see all the small details of it. What would it be like if it manifested? And this? And that? Visualize the details. Colours. Sounds. Smells… And then look at the road. And drive with joy. Because you know where you are heading to. And the journey is wonderful too, isn’t it?

Love you all 🙂



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