How to change… now?

I’ve changed so much in the past year, that it’s hard even for me to believe. In fact it makes no sense even to compare me-before vs. me-now, because I changed so much and the old “me” has really little to do with the “new” me and who I became. I realized that the only comparison that makes sense is a comparison of that who I really became with my Higher Self.

As life goes on, I experience contrasts and consequently expand, me and the whole world around me… And my Higher Self is constantly becoming more and more… Then why should I compare myself with that version of me sometime in the past (or in some other parallel reality) when it has nothing to do with who I am now or with where I am now? And it has even less to do with where I am going…

The only time I like to look back into the past is when I write these articles, for those people who find themselves on their path of change, like I was and still am. Only they (you) can find it helpful to read about it. Because perhaps you are in the same place where I was… No, do not get caught in the trap of comparing yourself to the previous version of yourself. Compare yourself with your Higher Self.

Where are you now, and where is the expanded version of you? Make a step to get closer to it. You can look back and pat yourself on the back because you’ve come so far, because you’ve changed for the better, if that will make you feel good. But you can and you should pat yourself on the back anyway regardless of anything and especially of the past, because right now you are the best version of yourself. Because you’re doing the best you know and can. You don’t need to look back and “measure” the success to give yourself that right.

How do you change? The universe is very simple when it comes to that. Do you know that in every single moment you are brand new, fresh and unique you?

The universe always responds to the signal you are sending NOW. It doesn’t care where you were before, what you were like or how long you have been somewhere, all that matters at this point is your vibration right now. And your vibration can be changed in a moment. You can be a different person right now.

By choosing different vibrations you can start changing yourself right now. You can start choosing a better feeling, then a bit better and you will feel the change taking place. You will feel better. You will start getting different thoughts. More beautiful thoughts. You will begin acting differently towards others, because you will feel better, think differently and as a result you will see others and the world around you in a different way. And then the world will be different … Because the Universe will respond to your signal. Just as you sent it out. Flawless.

I experienced the biggest, the fastest and the easiest change the moment I realized that my past has nothing to do with what I choose now! Right now I can choose anything.

I played with this idea so long that I started to look at other people in that way. Because if I am now a brand new me, and I have nothing to do with who I was before, then other people are brand new “them” and have nothing to do with who they were! Really powerful, right?

All of a sudden all the complications, all the “baggage” you have been carrying about yourself, about others, about your relationships, the circumstances with which you were surrounded, suddenly everything dissipates! And you really are a brand new, fresh and “lighter” you. Without the “baggage” from the past. And you notice different and new people around you. And you know what happens next? Those people really start to act differently towards you! It’s as if you are living some new reality. Without as if.

You are already a new you right now compared to who you were when you started reading this article! And everyone else is new, give them a chance to show it! Give yourself a chance! Give life a chance! Only you can make a choice right now to be a different version of you. Because you certainly are new you.

What kind of a person are you choosing to be today? Same as yesterday? Or two months ago? Or are you choosing to be different today? Are you choosing to be more like the person you want to become?

How do you become who you want to be? How do you change? Just like that! Choose to be “that” now.

Love you all 🙂


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