When does a manifestation happen?

I was talking to someone the other day and told her how I want a new laptop. As our conversation was about vibration, energy and the Law of Attraction she went on to tell me about allowing. She started to explain how to manifest and that’s when I understood something…

…..Many people that get in touch with me, come to my workshops, take up my mentoring or coaching, want to manifest NOW. Or they want the manifestation to happen by a certain date. They think they have to do specific things for it to happen by the desired date. Even though we can manifest things within certain time frames, most people get to work lacking faith.

What does that mean? Here’s an example: A few months ago I wanted to achieve something and it was important to me by what date that would happen. In the other words, time frame was part of the manifestation. At one point I sat down and said: “OK it will be resolved by that date”. And that’s it! I completely aligned myself with that decision. That means I knew that what I wanted would be resolved by the date I wanted. That is all. Done deal… I had no idea who, how, or when…. All I knew was what and by which date and that was all that mattered to me because the time frame was an important part of my wish. And of course my desire came true, a few days before the deadline 🙂

There are no desires that can’t come true. There are only desires that we are not aligned with vibrationaly. For as long as that is the case and you are not fully on the same vibrational level with your desire, that which you desire cannot manifest. It is as if there is a package by your front door that contains all your desires and you are not opening the door. You are not taking what you ordered and what was sent to you. We “open the doors” with our vibration, with allowing…

I will go back to the beginning and the story about the laptop. When the lady in question started telling me how to manifest I understood what most people find confusing. You want something and then you get to “work” for it to manifest!

Let me be clear, I agree that we need to work on ourselves. I agree that we need to do something to change ourselves. But do we need to do something specific for our desire to realize? No. Do we need to visualize for it to come true? No. Do we need to focus on it? No.

When I wished for a new laptop, I straight away thought that it’s coming to me. It’s coming at the perfect moment. I don’t have to manifest it for free, and this is the misconception for many.

What is the difference between manifesting something for free and getting the money that will allow you to buy it? Or the other way around, which is more often the case, many people want money but in reality you don’t want the money for what it is because what would you do with it anyway? It’s just a piece of paper, it’s not particularly interesting and you can’t even see the virtual money on your account so it makes no difference in your physical reality whether you have it or not. Isn’t that right? When we say we want money what we actually want is all those things that we can buy with it…. So if you get something for free it’s the same as manifesting money. It’s actually a vibration of abundance.

When will a new laptop manifest in my reality? I honestly don’t care. I do know that the manifestation will happen at the perfect time and I am completely at peace with that. Whether I will get it for free, as a gift or in some other way, or will I get the money so I can buy it, to me it’s the least important.

I wished for it therefore it’s coming, isn’t that so? Do I now need to allow that wish? If you understand what I’m trying to tell you then you’ll know why the answer is no. I don’t need to do anything special to allow for it to happen because I’ve already allowed it and it’s coming to me at the perfect time. My focus is no longer on that desire, as I have moved on.

What do I want next? What will I create next? Because everything I’ve wished for and created so far is a done deal. Yes of course we need to allow for it to happen but we don’t have to work on allowing because working on allowing creates the vibration of not having. I now have to allow for it to happen. What this sentence is actually saying is: I don’t have it. I want it but I don’t have it.

When you know that everything is coming to you then you don’t have to do allowing. You then wish for it, create it and move on. Out of all the desires I’ve made and created so far I don’t know when each one of them will come true. And I don’t care. What I do know is that everything, absolutely everything, so far has happened at the perfect time. I know that occasionally I didn’t get what I wanted but I also know that’s because of the resistance or beliefs I had at the time that didn’t serve me. My manifestation or the lack of it showed me exactly that, which means, even that arrived at the right time!

Do I want all my wishes to come true straight away? Of course not, it would drown me. I would be lost in all of it. That wouldn’t be the path of my greatest joy. My path of joy is exactly this one that I’m on right now, where bit by bit everything happens with ease at the time that’s best for me. And the best time for me is when the wish that is coming true also feels very comfortable, it just makes sense. It’s logical. It doesn’t just fall from the sky and overwhelm me.

If you are asking yourself ‘When?’ then you are lacking faith. When you are trying hard to ‘allow’, you are lacking faith. When you are wondering ‘How?’ and ‘Is it at all possible?’ then you are lacking faith. None of that is your job. Your job is only to make a wish and move on, create new things because what you have just wished for has already been created, therefore it’s done.

If a time frame is part of your wish, like in the earlier example of mine, then you know that. Then you know that you want it to happen by the certain date. That’s it. Nothing else. You don’t need to work on it any further. You want it, therefore it’s done.

Have you read that last sentence? You want it, therefore it’s done. It’s so short and simple, yet so powerful. If you don’t remember anything else from this text but that sentence, you have remembered everything you need to know.

You want it, therefore it’s done.

Love you all 🙂


2 thoughts on “When does a manifestation happen?

  1. Dennis says:

    That is so cool! We talked about this yesterday and came to the same conclusion, but then having to let go is also doing. Thank you for sharing and clearing that up for me 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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