Want your dream job?

I have often wondered if it is possible to do what you love and earn enough to live a good life from it. Even in elementary and high school I loved writing and noticed how people liked my writings. Newspaper articles, stories, poems… everything. I continued writing for newspapers during my University studies. They often published my stories as well. I enjoyed that.

In high school I was particularly interested in psychology. I find many things interesting, the planet, the universe, the economy, but there is nothing more interesting than people. We are totally unpredictable. Unique. Special. And that is something I have always been interested in. There is no end to it. You always discover something new.

When I mentioned University of Psychology, reactions from those around me were far from supportive. “You will work with lunatics your entire life.” And since I was interested in writing and social sciences and all sorts of things :), I thought it is not a good idea just yet. Then, because I like writing about many various topics, I wanted to do journalism. Once again I was met with negativity. I was told journalists are often sent to dangerous territories, they are underpaid, under major political pressure…etc. So I “temporarily” postponed that idea, in order to eventually give it up.

In the end I graduated economy, quite easily. Got my first job, performed it effortlessly and new job opportunities and offers just kept coming and coming. I was often contacted by head hunters. I had interesting jobs and earned good money. But, I always wanted something NEW. Something different. In those surroundings where I lived, it sometimes seemed to me like I was totally crazy. I couldn’t fit in at all. Working in the big systems and organizations, where the processes are quite detailed, where there is a procedure for every single action and everything is well known and in order, it didn’t make sense to me why a single paper has to go through the hands of 17 people, from whom every one of them has to add something, correct, approve, even when it was about a trivial thing like ordering new pens and office equipment for example. Like, hello people! Let’s see how we can do this better. Faster. Simpler. Up to some more complex business decisions. How to set up financial processes, reporting, sale… I was always looking for improvement. Fortunately, I always had new opportunities coming as I could not stay for too long at the same place, especially when those inert systems were involved and where my boss was the person who started in the company before I was even born and who from that time has not brought in anything new or changed anything in the company…

So from controlling, through being a director of finance, then business intelligence manager and to the work of business development consultant, I constantly grew taking on new challenges. Because I needed it. Because I could not get rid of the curiosity to constantly learn and move on. And at the same time I considered myself somehow different from the others. Who live a more “normal” life. I looked at those people who have been sitting at the same desk for 17 years doing the same thing and wondered: “How is this possible? How can they keep doing that?” I kind of almost wanted that as well, to be in a quiet harbour, careless, not like this, always somewhere on the open seas… Sometimes it’s great to sail, but sometimes there are waves 🙂

It’s only when I familiarized myself more with the teachings of Esther Hicks that everything became clearer. Expansion. Growth. It is inevitable. That is why we are here. Constantly seeking something new. It is okay to change jobs. It is okay to change profession, career. All that is completely okay! And with that new knowledge I started observing my environment and actually noticed that expansion. I noticed how these young new generations are coming and bravely setting new rules of the game. I saw how more and more people make a career out of a hobby. And that is amazing!

I realized that it is completely normal to switch careers. Because it is. Because it is our natural state of being. No limits. And all that is within us, and which is calling us forth, is always natural and good for us…

Who says you need to work a lifetime in the same company or at the same job? Once this was a norm, but not any more. Who says that once you decide on a career, you cannot change your mind? Try something new? Who says that? Do you believe them? I don’t. It doesn’t resonate with me.

Today there are numerous people who have changed their careers. Even in quite senior age. People who started doing something else. They turned their hobby into a business. There are more and more freelancers, more and more people who choose flexible working hours and locations… Because that is the true desire for many of us, if not all! We all want freedom and enjoyment in life, and we also want to do something. Something we love. But, the word “work” has become uncomfortable, something you “must” do for a living and by default many people find it repulsive, and can hardly imagine that it can be pleasant, fun, beautiful … But it can!

Someone who attended my workshops asked me: “What if I want variety? Everyone tells me that if I want to be successful in something I have to stick to one thing. So, what is the right thing to do?”

You know those “experts in their fields“? He is the most qualified expert for exactly this component of the washing machine and there is no greater expert than him because he has specialized precisely in that. Because you should choose one small “piece” and then dedicate years to it in order to become a recognized expert for that little piece. Now I’m exaggerating a bit, but you know what I mean. There is a lot of truth in that.

I was also told to choose one thing and then specialize in it. I even decided that this would be the case. I really gave my best in every job, constantly educating myself and improving. But if I had stayed all my life working on accounts payable for example, today I would probably be among those lunatics that my friend from high school mentioned as my future clientele if I enrolled in psychology. So I chose variety. Expansion. That is my specialization 🙂

From A. Hicks I learned that there are no boundaries. I realized anything is possible! And that I am normal 🙂 You can do anything you want at any time, just follow your passion! Follow what you really want! And another phenomenal sentence of theirs: “Never go into business for money!” 

The cruise I went on with A. Hicks, hanging out with those amazing people for 12 days and that energy changed me so much that I had a huge jump in my vibration and soon found myself in a much better version of my reality. Everything started to fall into place by itself. Easily, effortlessly, joyfully. Exactly as they say. And I realized that I am guided all the time.

I remember how I enthusiastically wrote to people that I was about to leave for the cruise with A. Hicks and they told me: “Write a report, we want to know all about it…” And then I remembered that a while ago I wrote in my “Magic Book” that I wanted to write my own blog, a travel blog. And I thought, well, this could be the first trip I write about. Then Cuba, Mexico, Portugal… But, I soon forgot about that.

I came back from the cruise thrilled and completely “on a high”. Got up in the morning and wondered what to do, what now? And then I heard: “Write how it was on the cruise, tell people your story.” And I thought, okay, I can do that but what should I do for real, I mean seriously? 🙂 And I heard again: “Write how it was, and let the next step unfold …” And so I configured a website in two hours, wrote the first blog post and while writing I realized I had more to say than I can put into one post. I mentioned there would be a few more blog posts about the cruise as there are many impressions and stories to share. And so I wrote my second post, and then the third, and forth, and so on… I just couldn’t stop. And every time I enjoyed it immensely. 🙂 I wrote it so fast, and suddenly there were so many followers and wonderful comments from the readers… Wow! I was not even aware I merged my two great passions in one place. Writing and personal growth. Awesome.

Then came the coaching school. After researching I chose the best option for me, i.e. the one that meets all my criteria. The oldest and the best school in the UK, internationally recognized certifications, and I have a mentor who trained most of the coaches in the world! And everything lined up so easily. 🙂

And now, as I am sitting and writing this, with coaching books and material in front of me, I feel so happy. Not only because they are in such beautiful rainbow colours, but because I am learning about something I dreamed of my whole life. And because it has finally become my profession. My passion. My love. My dream job. My hobby. Nothing can compare with that. No corporation. No large profits. No prestigious title. Nothing.

Want your dream job? Follow your passion! Don’t go into business for money! Don’t think about “how,” instead allow your intuition to guide you, because that which is your passion, that is what you’ll do best. That is something you will easily sink in without trying too hard to focus or concentrate, because it is natural to you, because it is easy for you, because it is you! Whatever that is. Go for it!

It may be one thing now, another in five years. It may seem like a small thing, like my first blog post seemed to me. It may be a series of seemingly unrelated things. Maybe you wonder how to merge them into something meaningful? Don’t wonder! Do not allow your mind to take over and confuse you. Because your mind does not know how. It is not its purpose to know that.

The only one who knows is you. Not your careers adviser. Not your boss either, neither mom nor dad. Not friends, not even your partner. Only you know what your true passion really is. Follow that. Allow life to amaze you and to show you how much it loves and supports those who follow their passion. 🙂

Love you all 🙂


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