The word that changes everything

I’ve already written in previous posts how the change started in my life, what I realized, what I did and what I thought… You can certainly find a lot of material on the Internet, and in books, on how to change, how to get what you want, how to feel better, how to succeed in such and such, how to fix something that is bothering you, how this or how that…

But, as I like to simplify everything as much as possible, for only the simple and clear is really applicable (the rest will just confuse you and a lack of clarity is not an indicator of high vibration). That is why I now want to highlight, underline and extract one word. Just one word that makes all the difference. Just one word, that could replace hours and hours of reading, listening, trying… Just one word from which the whole change begins. All creations. Everything. And that is focus.

At any one time, you are focused on something. You always have one focus and two choices. To focus on wanted or unwanted, to focus on abundance, or lack of it. To focus on love or lack of love. To focus on clarity, or lack of clarity. To focus on what you have or on what you don’t have. To focus on what you have become or on where you are now…

If you focus on what you love, and what has already been given to you, if you single out those beautiful details, moments, people, experiences, things and realize how lucky you are that it was given to you, how wonderful that gift really is. If you hold your focus for just a while on that, feeling how blessed you are to have experienced all of that, if you feel the gratitude that is in you because of what you have here and now, if you let that gratitude flow through your veins, at the same time observing how you feel, how much better you feel right now because of what you have just noticed, you will love even more what comes next. You will appreciate it even more. Because it will be nicer. It will be better. It will be greater. It will be “more”…

And if in this moment you choose to focus on what you don’t want or what you want and do NOT HAVE, you will not feel very good, because you do NOT HAVE it. So you wonder what wrong have you done to the Universe that you do not have “it” (let’s put aside all that you already have, you don’t have that specific thing or something, and you really want IT)… So you wonder why, and when, and how… It’s not fair… Why does he have “this”, and I don’t? And when will I have it? If you focus on what you don’t like in your experience, or on the LACK of wanted in your experience, same as in the previous example, you get more of what you don’t want! More “lack” comes to you. Even more of the undesired. Even more of the “hard”. Even more of the “unfair”… You get what you  focus on because what you focus on is what you attract!

You are always focused on something and you can never not know what you are focused upon. Your emotions tell you. Are you focused upon the wanted, but you are not feeling good? It means that your actually focus is upon the lack of wanted! Are you focused on something you want to achieve, but you don’t feel good? It means your focus is on the opposite side, on what you don’t want to achieve, what you don’t want to have in your experience…

Your emotions are always under your control, because your focus is always under your control. If you are not feeling good right now, ask yourself: “Where is my focus?” Whatever the subject of thinking, the emotion indicates if you are focused in the direction of abundance or lack of it. And when you become aware of the emotion, and then of your focus, changing focus is the tiniest thing. “I don’t want this and this? Ok, what do I want? I don’t feel good because I am actually observing current reality and I don’t see what I wished for and created. So I need to change my focus.”

There is a place where everything you wished for, created and have become is already present. But, to make that place become your reality, you need to “highlight” it with your focus. Your Higher Self already knows it. It knows your desires. Your Higher Self is always 100% focused on what you really have become. And what you are becoming day to day, as you expand. Your Higher Self is always focused on abundance. Because there is no lack. Not on a high vibration.

Imagine for a moment that kind of life. Life where there is no lack. Where what you create just appears in front of you, in your experience. Like a painter, what he paints is what he sees. Imagine that abundance of possibilities. Where you can paint, draw, model, create, whatever you want, whenever you want, as much as you want…! Because everything IS possible! Imagine that world. That is the real world on a high vibration. That is our vibrational reality. That is Vortex. Why then do you witness lack, you ask? Because you yourself drew it, you created it with your focus. You came for the contrast so that you could know what you really want and to expand, but then you stayed focused on that contrast, on what you don’t want. On the lack. And that is precisely what you are witnessing. But, the best news in the world is that we can easily change focus. And then everything else changes.

What are you focused upon right now? And what do you choose to focus upon NOW? In this question lies limitless freedom that is always available to us all. You choose your focus, and therefore you choose your next reality…

Love you all 🙂


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