What does believing really mean?

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Have you ever asked yourself what does it mean to believe? What does it mean to “get it”? What does it mean when “it clicks’’? What does that actually mean?

Believing in that ever present Law of Attraction actually means knowing how the Universe works. Believing means knowing that the vibration precedes EVERY manifestation. Believing means knowing that vibration is a reality! Believing means that you can, no matter where you are now, achieve alignment with a higher vibration and witness a different reality.

Believing means that today is a new day. And that today you are choosing your vibration all over again. You are choosing your thoughts. You are choosing your feelings. You are choosing to see what you like, to intentionally focus on it and then appreciate it. Believing means knowing all is well and that well-being is all there is, and that you came here to choose what you like most. What presents the greatest joy for you at all times.

Believing means knowing you can be, do or have anything you want. Believing means knowing you are the creator of your experience, your life, and that everything that is happening to you is a reflection of your vibration and yours only. Other people and the way they treat you are just a reflection of your vibration (not theirs!).

Believing means that no matter what your current financial situation is, you can change it. Because the current balance on your bank account has nothing to do with your ability to create!

Believing means knowing you can do whatever you want and make a living from it, the way you want. Even when people around you don’t understand you. Yes, believing means still staying on your path of greatest joy, choosing thoughts consciously, listening to your emotions and persistently deciding to feel good!

Believing means not looking for confirmation from other people that you are on the right path, that you are doing the right thing. Believing means not comparing yourself to others. Because where they are has nothing to do with you. Because their approval or disapproval of you and your decisions has nothing to do with you. Because their ability to create and their vibration have nothing to do with you.

Believing means knowing that only you are the creator of your own reality! Have I already said this before? It is worth saying several times… Believing means accepting contrast, because you know its role in creation. Believing means knowing there will be ups and downs, and that all of that is okay! Contrast is part of your path, and it is beneficial for you because it leads you to expansion and new desires, which are already a vibrational reality.

Believing means knowing you are a perfect being, here and now, and always and everywhere, because here and now is always and everywhere. Believing means knowing you are infinitely loved and that nothing bad can happen to you. Believing means knowing that the whole world is at your disposal, and that you are deprived of nothing and none is taken from you, except for that which you take from yourself with your own thoughts.

Believing means knowing that every moment is a new beginning. And that in every moment you have complete freedom of choice. Believing means knowing that freedom is the basis of your life, and that no one can deprive you of it, except your own thoughts!

Believing means knowing that everything, really everything, everything, everything, everything in your life depends solely on you and only you and that everything is always in your hands.

Believing means living that belief. No matter where you are now. No matter what you are doing. No matter what you have and don’t have.

Believing means that in this moment right now I can paint my world again. Colour it the way I want. Let me see. What do I like? What do I want?

Take that brush, paint your world, soak yourself in it while you put new shades of colour, while you paint it detail by detail… Look how beautiful it is… Take that pen, write what it looks like, evoke every detail of your new life in that blind man who has never seen the world. Every colour. Every detail. Evoke it in yourself. Every smell. Sound… Visualize everything. Feel that life you have created. Look at it, feel it, love it… Dive into it… Because it is your reality.

Love you all



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