Abraham – true or lie?

Many people are skeptical and cautious about the existence and teachings of Abraham. I must say it was strange for me as well at first to see a woman who suddenly starts saying “we”, presents herself as “infinite intelligence,” where actually what you see in front of you is still just an ordinary woman, made of flesh and blood, as we all are.

I have friends who are not so “friendly” with the idea of Abraham, although they see how much it helped me, how much it changed my life for the better and they support and appreciate it. Of course, there are those who believe as I do.

All my life I have dealt with fairly “exact” matters (finance, information, IT systems, business intelligence), so I can not say that I was inclined to believe in such “phenomena”, Abraham alike. But besides my daily job I read a lot, especially books on psychology, and I also finished NLP course etc. Later I began to read more about energy. On one occasion a friend introduced me to a woman, who “deals with energy”. Of course I was skeptical, but curious, so I asked her a range of questions during our conversation, trying to understand what she was doing … She answered patiently, and then after many of my questions, she said: “Oh you intellectuals! You want to understand it all with your mind!” and I thought, “Well, is there any other way?” For me, at that time, anything that could not be explained precisely and clearly, and be supported with arguments, was very questionable. If someone tried to convince me of something without providing any objective arguments, I found it to be a pure manipulation. The woman suggested an energy treatment to me, and I agreed because I was curious (although skeptical). This was my first experience in understand clearly the importance of energy, because I felt such a clarity after the treatment: My thoughts became brighter and sharper… Then I realized that the mind is very limited, it is purely a receiver of the thoughts of the same frequency that we are broadcasting … That is when I started to believe in energy in a different way. I knew that I could change my vibration, but I didn’t know how.

Then a year ago I heard about Abraham for the first time. I KNEW from the first moment that this is the highest vibration ever. I was aware that I did not understand even half of what they said, and I was listening to them for hours, days … Even after the first day I noticed a “brightness of thoughts”, an indescribable clarity in my head, and all has suddenly somehow fallen into its place. After a while, I came across a video where Abraham answers the question of who they are. Very interesting answer, as always. And with a lot of love, as always. They said they didn’t care whether we believed in their existence or not, instead they wanted us to adore our own existence! They said we did not have to understand who they are, but instead remember who we are, and when we turn to ourselves and remember who we really are, then it will be clear to us who they are as well. Wooow! I don’t know about you, but these words left me breathless. Yes, along with getting familiar with their teachings, I really easily remembered who I was. It was such a relief that it is hard to even describe in words. When you know who you are, when you know you’re safe, when you know that you can not get it wrong,  when you know that it is only good that exists and prevails, when you know what contrast really is, and finally get it what the purpose of all what we call evil, injustice, misfortune, tragedy really is … I do not know exactly when, but after a few months of listening to them, I realized that I got rid of my fears. Sometimes I’ll have some negative thoughts, of course, sometimes I’ll get worried about something, but it always takes only a few minutes and I never feel fear, just a slight concern at worst, and then I remember the meaning of it…

I saw some people commented about Abraham speaking so fast, and with such precision and perfection, how they have never seen something like that before. Me neither. Someone commented that there is no way that they could learn it by heart (haha), but when they talk it seems like they did. For some, this seems a good indication that this story with Abraham is truthful. For me the best evidence is their teaching, that I fully resonate with. With every single word. After so many videos that I watched for hours and days, and recently those 12 days with them on the cruise, it never happened, not even once, that I heard a word from them I have not resonated with. And since I believe myself first, for me that was the best indicator of what kind of energy it is. Later I came across a book that explains levels of vibration, i.e.”the density of light”. And based on all that I have found, Abraham is indeed the highest vibration. I read the opinions of people who are long engaged in the study of energy, and met with an explanation that “entities” that Esther transmits are the highest vibration: She always has her eyes open while translating Abraham (while for example the man who “channels” Bashar has his eyes closed, and they explain it is an indication of lower vibration than Abraham, or lower density. Bashar himself says that he comes from 5th density). Maybe some of you find this information interesting, and some of you may not. Perhaps it is still a bit strange for you. This whole “process” of Abraham is  often seen as quite strange, although they themselves say that this is the most natural thing, but many people still do not think so…

Well, as they said, it is far more important to understand who we are, then to understand who Abraham is. Rather than believing in their existence, it is more important that we adore our own. They say that we can all get these answers ourselves. All they teach us is available to each one of us. We don’t need Esther. They don’t want followers. We are all teachers, we all come from the same Source. The source of good. For it is the only source there is.

Someone once at the workshop told Abraham that they love them. They answered: “We are glad when you love. We do not care if you love us, yourself, or someone else, but we love when you love!” When we love, when we feel love, then we are closest to our source, and we feel good when we love, no matter whom, because that is who we are. Love. Pure love. How does this resonate with you?

Love you all 🙂


2 thoughts on “Abraham – true or lie?

  1. Dennis says:

    I fully agree, the highest vibration I have ever heard from anyone. I have also listened to Abraham for many hours over the past year and must say I can relate to everything. Every time I listen to Abraham I find a new answer to my questions. Nice post!! Lots of love 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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