How to be on a high vibration?

This post is a little bit different from the others, because here I want to share with you some of the activities that I did and that helped me raise my vibration and keep it raised for longer. In previous posts I mentioned how important it is to listen to yourself, your emotions, (link: Best advice ever), so I will again remind you of that – whatever you do, ALWAYS pay attention to how you feel, because only you know what is best for you and what you resonate with. Therefore I do not want you to read this post as a set of rules or even advice, I want to read this as a bunch of ideas, suggestions that helped me and that you can try out as well and see if it works for you. I believe, though, that we are more similar than we often think, and since the ideas I am about to write down are general in nature, they will be helpful for most of you. Feel free to comment and share your experiences!



Of course this is the number one on the list! I even mentioned it in the introduction. This is the basic rule applicable always and everywhere! It is not a coincidence that I named this site JOINMEINJOY, it is not a coincidence that I invited you to join me in JOY, because it is the most important guide to the higher vibration. Follow your joy. How? Ask yourself what brings you the most joy. Write down those activities. Include them in your schedule as often as you can. Listen to your emotions. When you feel low, it always means one thing – low vibration. When you feel good, it always means one thing – higher vibration. The better you feel, the higher your vibration is. Listen to your emotions, follow your path of joy.



From my own experience I realized that the awareness and high vibration are inseparable, and if you want long-term results, if you want a different, better and happier life, then it is not enough to occasionally visit higher vibration. Instead you need to find a way to be there more often and longer. How? This is where meditation helps. Raising your level of awareness and keeping higher vibration are co-related. For me the best practise with best effects for me is morning meditation: as I wake up, before I do anything else, I meditate in silence for 15 minutes. Every day.



This might seem strange for some, but I realized how water and vibration are related when I was on a high vibration. Every time I am on a high vibration, I drink more water. And then I thought, well, let me drink more water any time on purpose, and that will help me raise my vibration. Once this becomes your habit, like it is to me now, you will be doing it naturally and without thinking about it. If you google it, you will find many scientific explanations why water is so important and good for us, and why it is recommended to drink more water. The benefits are huge and numerous, and it all begins from one change only – vibration. How much water is good to drink? I do it (now) intuitively, but at first I had to get used to it. Of course you should not exaggerate, there are some common suggestions that 2-3 litres per day are an average, so you can begin with that, until you get used to. The body should be constantly and continuously hydrated, and once you get your body used to it, it will ask to keep that balance.



It would be good to take a walk outside every day, and it would be perfect if that could be in nature. Nature is the environment with higher vibration, and while you are there, your vibration may raise easily. And if you look around, while walking, and notice and appreciate what you like, what thrills you, and focus on those things deliberately and intentionally, your vibration will be even higher.



A few years before I even heard about Vortex and Esther Hicks, during one period of my life I was on a raw food diet. I never felt better in my life, I never looked better and I never had more energy! From my experience, this is the best diet so far. By changing only the diet, I felt more energy, my vibration was higher. That’s without meditation, without any other methods, anything really… I was happier, calmer, my thoughts were clearer, I felt lighter…

It seemed logical to me that the more alive food you eat, the more alive and energized you feel. Now, when I look back, I realize that the most important thing that brought me these benefits was my INTENTION: I was eating that food in order to feel good. And that was the only goal. No other expectations. And I felt great! Recently I have seen an interview with Anita Moorjani, who almost died from cancer and got cured. She talked about being obsessed with healthy food, and how her condition worsened because of it. The main difference is in the intention: She ate healthy in order to not get sick(er). In other words, her actions were based on fear. This is the most important part when making any decision – ask yourself what is your intention? Even when choosing the food you eat, choose it because you love your body and because you want to give it best because it deserves the best and because you want to feel good. I could write a lot about this topic, so if you would like to read more about my raw food experience, and in general about the food and vibration, let me know in comments.

6     WATER


Why water again? Because it is very important for raising vibration. And not only the water you drink. I often spend time in water. Since my parents live near the sea, when I visit them, I often go swimming. And when I am at home, I often take a bath, and enjoy it with candles and guided meditations with my headphones. Whatever feels best for you, and whatever is available. Whether it’s a pool, bath, or even a frequent quick shower (for me taking a shower is a real reset), if you spend more time in water, your vibration will raise easier. Recently I stumbled across this information that the vibration of water is the highest vibration after the light, and it is of course close to our own since our body consists of 90% water. So when taking a shower, you are actually cleaning your vibration. If you repeat this as an affirmation while doing it, the vibration will get even higher.

7     MUSIC


This may not be suitable for everyone, but music has its own vibration like everything else, and for many people it is one of the easiest ways to raise their vibration. I have always loved music, and as soon as I could, I invested some money in high quality loudspeakers. Music slows down your thoughts and takes you easily and seamlessly into a higher vibration because you have no resistance towards it (of course, I refer to the music that you enjoy listening). You do not need to do anything, you do not have to understand anything, just listen and enjoy…


I haven’t watched TV for 6 years or more. Here I refer to the action of taking a remote controller and just randomly watching a program, “eating whatever is served on your plate”. I don’t watch or listen any news. I only watch movies that I find interesting, inspirational, that make me laugh. I watch good comedies, concerts of musicians I love etc. I have no need what so ever to spend my time on something that brings me no benefit at all and only lowers my vibration.



This is a tendency rather than a rule. The more time you spend with people you love to be with and you feel good with (and those are the people who as well are flying high), the easier it will be for you to raise and keep your higher vibration. This is especially important at the beginning, until your vibration is more stable and you have more experience with it. Later on any environment and any kind of people you meet will have less or no impact on your vibration.



For a long time now, I have been living in such a way that it doesn’t pass a single day that I don’t read something new, some inspirational book, or listen to an interesting video or similar. Not only does it help you to raise the vibration, but also for me it is the next logical step in the expansion and growth. We need new knowledge constantly, it is the food for our mind, and in the same way that we feed our body daily we should do the same with the mind. Every time we learn something new, new networks of neurons in our brain are built, and that affects the way we perceive the world around us, and ourselves.



Any physical activity that you enjoy doing helps. I emphasize that you should go for an exercise only if you like it and feel good when doing it, and not to force yourself into anything. Not only that you have no benefits from the exercises or sports that you don’t enjoy doing, but it will be very difficult for you to continue doing it long-term. There are so many exercises on the YouTube, various kinds and contents, intensity and duration, from light stretching and yoga to dancing and more, so even those who proclaim they are not really sporty types are able to find something to enjoy doing… In conjuction with raw food diet, I also practised an exercise called “5 Tibetans”. It’s really simple, easy to remember, and it’ll move the energy throughout your whole body in just 10 minutes. Try it!



How do you feel when you clear your home of all those things that you haven’t used in a while and that only took space? I haven’t read much about the relation between the place you spend time in and the vibration, but from my own experience I can tell how much it helps. When I’m on a high vibration, without hesitation, I do a clear out and throw everything I don’t use anymore. Less things around me mean more free space and that always helps to feel comfortable and raise vibration. Even though I’m not so obsessed with perfectionism and cleaning, I love it when things around me are in their order and when it’s pleasant, because one can feel the energy of the room.

Most of these suggestions are well-known, but have you ever related them all to your vibration? I didn’t, at least not at the beginning. With some practise and experience I realized what helps me and what doesn’t. Give it a try, and if you only do 2-3 activities from this list that you have not done before on a regular basis, and which make you feel good, you will notice the difference. It takes 21 days to change a habit, and if you start doing something from the list for the next 3 weeks, it will most likely become your new habit, and your vibration will raise as well.

Love you all🙂





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