Where is my Vortex?

Although the cruise with Esther Hicks brought many unforgettable moments, as you could see from all my previous texts, there are a few of those very special moments that I experienced during the workshops, that touched me deeper and stronger than anything else. Shook me in a way that I immediately saw everything differently.

One of those moments was when Abraham was talking about Vortex. “All you want is in the Vortex, and it will manifest!” And then they looked at us and said: “Well, where is it? You must be wondering, Abraham, is my Vortex in the present or in the future? You say all we want IS in the Vortex, and then you say it WILL manifest. Is it present or future then?” At first this seemed even a little bit ridiculous to me, because I thought I understood how it works: When I raise my vibration and release resistance, I experience (desired) manifestation.

But Abraham impressed me (again) 🙂

They started describing how they see Vortex and that was something most powerful I have ever seen and heard! “Vortex is here, it is here, all your desires are here, fulfilled, we see them! Here!” They pointed to the Vortex  (actually a certain space in front of them) but with such energy that just for a moment I managed to see it the way they see it. And then I got it! And then I understood. Wooooooow! It is all really already here! Here and now! Vortex is not somewhere “in the clouds”, there isn’t a certain path that we need to pass, or wait until the right moment comes… We don’t have to go anywhere, we don’t need to wait for anything. All that we want is here. Not even an inch away from us! Not a second further in the future. Right here. Right now. Everything we want already exists. There is nothing special we are supposed to “do”. Then I understood why they insist so much on less action, and only on inspired action from the Vortex. Because everything is already accomplished. The path of least resistance is to allow it to happen, not to make it happen.

Isn’t it great to know that everything that we desire has already been accomplished? Isn’t it wonderful to know that we are so loved, so powerful and supported that our desires are always fulfilled? Isn’t it wonderful to know that we do not need to do anything to make it happen? 🙂

And then it was clearer to me then ever before how easy it actually is. I have been studying the Law of Attraction for so long and there is not so much to understand really! Just choose a better feeling, choose to follow your joy, and that will bring you to a higher vibration, and everything else fits in itself. This is all the wisdom. Abraham says: “You can not get everything from your Vortex just like that. You must pay that terrible price; you must feel good first!” How ironic! You don’t feel good because your desires have not yet manifested, and your desires have not yet manifested because you don’t feel good.

And so we can move around in circles all of our life, talking about that Vortex, up there, out there, somewhere, in the future, once, maybe sometimes, maybe never …? Or we can become aware of this very moment, right now, and choose in this moment a better feeling thought, or choose anything that at this point seems to be the most joyful, most playful, most beautiful… And we will feel better. And better. And better. And there we are. In the Vortex.

If you have studied the Law of Attraction, then you know that after 17 seconds of thinking a certain thought, the next thought similar to that one comes, and then the next one, and the next one… You know that after 68 seconds, what we have been thinking about is starting to manifest. After just 68 seconds!

Are you willing to pay this terrible price and deliberately choose a better feeling thought for the next 17 seconds? Are you willing to choose a better feeling for just 17 seconds? And another 17? And another 17? Are you willing to spend now 68 seconds of your time deliberately focusing your thoughts where you want? Did you know that after 68 seconds the manifestation begins? This is all the work. All the wisdom. This is the only “difficult” task that you need to do to get your life heading in the direction of what you want … Indeed, in the end it is only a matter of how much you really want it. There is no excuse. If you’ve really decided, then it’s happening! You set off. Here and now.

In the end I will repeat a thought from one of my previous texts: “The universe is not even, but it is always fair!” What will you choose to think about for the next 68 seconds? How do you want your reality to look like?

Love you all 🙂


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