The fastest way to the Vortex

One of the things that was most difficult for me to figure out when I started to consciously apply the Law of Attraction was to change how I feel, or to manage emotions. Seek a better feeling thought and you will soon get to the path of joy… Sounds simple, right? And when I feel pretty good, and my day is like – okay, I can easily reinforce that feeling and from “I feel good” shortly get to “I feel amazing.” But sometimes, when I have been in situations when I experienced contrast, and therefore became overwhelmed with negative emotions, and before even becoming aware of it, hit the “bottom”and felt really bad, any change in the emotions seemed impossible to me. That feeling of helplessness, and like everything is against you … And at some point I think, yeah, now I need to find a way to feel better, I need to find that thought… But no. No way! Only the same or even worse thoughts were coming to me, and it seemed to me like I was sinking deeper and deeper … As if all these teachings that I adopted, were suddenly far away. Unreachable … I could not even find a “good” emotion, a thought to make me feel good …

Later I realized, what I did not understand then is that I tried to jump into the Vortex (or at least somewhere near it), from where I was in that moment, rather than simply looking for a better feeling thought and get closer step by step. What is the secret here? If you feel really bad, there is little chance that you will immediately be able to feel good. Letting emotions lead you means following a thought that gives you a little more relief compared to the current one. If you feel bad, and then suddenly you want to feel great, enthusiastic, playful … it does not work!

But also if you try too hard to get into the Vortex, as soon as possible, that does not work either! Why? Because you are forcing it. You are rushing. Because you do not trust the process of the universe. Because of the resistance … You do not need additional “horsepower” to get into the Vortex as quickly as possible,  you do not need any extra effort. On the contrary, any extra effort means resistance! If you believe that well-being is dominant, then you believe that positive energy is strong enough to lead you to your destination. If you stop resisting. If you just breathe in and let yourself be. Yes, even that is enough to allow your Source to pull you forward… So when you are feeling bad, try to follow the path of relief, whatever that means for you. Maybe you will get angry? Well, maybe this is better than the feeling of helplessness? And when you are angry, then look for more relief, look for a thought that brings you more relief … This is way faster than trying to “jump” into the Vortex from where you are or trying to be there as fast as possible with a lot of effort.

Life is a lot simpler than it seems to most of us. Only when we are in the Vortex, it becomes easy… Then everything is clear. Then it’s easy. Then it’s great. Accept that you will have a variety of emotions throughout your life experience, and it is impossible to be at the highest vibration all the time. Maybe the biggest step, and certainly the most important one for me was to accept where I am now.

Why am I here? Because this place is a perfect match to my current vibration. How do I get there? By changing my vibration in order to match the place where I want to be. If I already radiated that vibration, I would be there by now. That is simple, right?

Good news is that you do not need any extra effort or any special action to move from point A (your current place) to point B (or desired place). You only need to relax a bit, accept that we are vibrational beings first and foremost and that we can change our vibration easily and at any time we want. Moreover, even in this moment, while you are reading this, your vibration has slightly changed. Accepting the place where you are is a further change in your vibration, because you are getting rid of some resistance… It’s so easy. It is always easy. And any time you think “This is not easy”, it means that you are going in the opposite direction from your Higher Self. Relax, let go, and let your Higher self, who loves you enormously and endlessly, pull you closer to itself.

Love you all 🙂


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