Best advice ever

I have already mentioned that Abraham and their teachings were life-changing for me. I immediately resonated with everything they say, and began practising it. I felt like I was born again, and began to live life in its fulness. I started to experience life in a stronger and deeper level than ever before, and began to experience people around me better. I became more aware of each and every moment, I began to focus more on the beauty in my life and life became more beautiful, more intense, more meaningful.

What I got from them could be summarized in one single sentence, and if you remember only this sentence, and apply it as often as possible, you will live a completely different life. You will feel freer, more relaxed, more spontaneous, more open to life and the opportunities that it brings, more open to the joy that is all around us … Every day your life will become more and more exciting, closer and closer to your dream life…

“What is this sentence?” you might ask. Those who are familiar with the teachings of Abraham will not be surprised, but sometimes it is necessary to point out and highlight something because it is a “key” that opens the door to magic.

This sentence says: “Listen to your inner guide – your emotions!” If someone told me a few years ago that I would quieten my mind as it can be totally misleading sometimes, and that my guiding principle would be joy, I would have told them they are crazy. All my life before these teachings I relied solely on my mind. I analytically pondered, weighted pro’s and con’s every time, because I thought that was the best way of making decisions in life. Well, now I know nothing could be further from the truth! The mind can be really “stupid” when we are on a low vibration, and I am pretty sure most of you have experienced and realized that. If you haven’t, just try and write down your thoughts next time when you are feeling low, and then read these notes  when you are back, “flying high”. You will then realize that the mind is only a “receiver” of the thoughts that match our frequency.

Think about it next time you let the circumstances or other people determine how you feel, or when you try to get along with them and join them in their (lower) vibration… And then notice what thoughts will go through your head. Thoughts are followed by emotions and, magical creations of life begin. Or not so magical … But you do create, exactly that way, with those thoughts, with those emotions. The way you are “tuned-in”, the frequency you are on, that is what you attract… You choose. When you get to the next intersection, will you listen to your mind, or are you going to listen to the only consistent and true voice within you, the only spark that always knows where you want to go, and always leads you there? Are you going to listen to your higher self, that is constantly calling and calling… and guides you all the time to the path that is easiest for you, the most comfortable for you, the path that will hurt the least, the path of your greatest joy … If you just relax a bit and listen to your own emotions and ask yourself: “How do I feel right now? What can I do now to feel just a little bit better?” That’s all. That is how decisions are made.

I started to follow this advice much more during and after the cruise, and the reason why I succeeded is because I became more aware of my own thoughts, more conscious. Yes, in order to hear your emotions, you need to be aware of them. You need to feel where you are now and where you want to be, and feel the next logical step. Your inner being is always calling you, always, always, always, and it is with you all the time, endlessly, and you are never, never, never alone! You always have your best friend, your greatest mentor and coach with you, and these are your emotions! Use them!

Indeed, the best advice I ever heard was to listen to my own emotions and choose the path of  greater joy, the path of least resistance … You do not need to read a thousand books, although there is nothing wrong with that either (and sometimes this could even be the next step on your path of joy), but it is important to know that you do not need books, coaches and mentors, instructions and rules in order to know in this very moment what is best for you. In fact, you are the only person who knows it. You are the only person who knows where you are now in relation to your higher self, and the only person who knows and feels its own path of greatest joy! Wisdom is within you!

Let me finish this text with another great Abraham’s statement: “Do not think your way through it, feel your way through it!” Yes, my dear reader, this is the best advice ever. I want you to live it more and more every day, as I do now, and to use the precious gift that you have in yourself, to choose joy every day in your life, and feel and live more joyfully… And then one day you will stand and look around you. With no words at all. The magic of life that you have created and that is now all around you will leave you speechless. You will feel how easy life really is… and simple… and good. Yes, life really is good!

Love you all 🙂


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