My Cruise experience with Esther Hicks

Getting onboard of this amazing ship, and starting the journey of 12 days of heaven, 12 days of beautiful people, landscapes, luxury, energy, Abraham’s workshops, synchronicity, is really impossible to describe with any words.

During these days my Vortex brought so many surprises into my reality, and the thought: “My Vortex is constantly surprising me!” became my daily statement! I had no idea that I have put all these beautiful things in it! 🙂

And I was not the only one who felt that way. Many people around me had the same experience, felt the magic of Vortex, the magic of high vibration… And then during one of the workshops Esther said: “Let your Vortex surprise you!” It is really that simple, when we allow for just a little bit, when we choose the path of least resistance…

I have a lot to share with you, as I have gathered so many impressions from Abraham’s workshops during these 12 days, surrounded by people on a high vibration, experiencing amazing synchronicity, and that is really worth sharing.

Today I will refer to one particular message from Abraham, the one with which they began the first and closed the last workshop. In a way it summarizes the whole journey, and in the next couple of days I will write more about other subjects.


At the very beginning of the workshop Abraham asked us, since our final destination was Rome, if we would want to get there now, immediately? Or would we rather choose this amazing trip and visit beautiful Brugge in Belgium, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Palma de Mallorca, Tuscany, Seville…? Would we rather choose to experience every single moment of the trip and enjoy it all the way to Rome…? Abundance of delicious food, parties and fun, wonderful people, landscapes? Is the goal of the cruise to arrive to the final destination (Rome) or to enjoy every bit of the journey?

That is exactly how life is meant to be. The point is in the journey. “Enjoy the journey!” because that is exactly what you have chosen when you decided to come here on this planet. You knew that nothing bad could ever happen to you, you knew how safe you were, and that the abundance would surround you. You knew that you would be offered the abundance of diversity. You were so excited about experiencing and choosing what is best for you, what is most fun, most pleasurable, most exciting and joyful…

Enjoying the journey means you don’t want to rush to the final destination. Enjoying the journey means being present in the moment and seizing the best of it. Enjoying the journey means being aware of the moment. And that means being aware of the contrast and its value for us and all that is. It also means knowing who we are, what we don’t want and more precisely what we do want, who we are not and who we really are.

Then I realized, stronger, deeper and louder than ever, how much I love this journey, not only these 12 days, but ALL the days of my life! Each and every day! I realized that I didn’t want to jump over to the final destination and skip this beautiful journey, just to get something done, to arrive somewhere, learn the lessons… I want to move through my life at the optimal speed for me, so that I enjoy it the most. And that is exactly the core of Abraham’s teachings (“Joy is the key”, just like the song says…). And the name of this website is inviting you to join me in this journey of joy. Join me in joy! Try to feel the depth of these words even more than before, try to feel its power. Try to feel joy with all of your being, not only by putting a smile on your face or understanding these words with your mind, but truly feel all the depth, power and truth of it. Joy IS the key.

What happens when you choose joy?

One day during the cruise I woke up and told myself: “Today I’m going to choose joy! Every choice I make, every decision I make, no matter how small it is, even if it is only about having a cup of coffee or being by the pool or talking to some of the great people I met on the cruise, each and every decision I make will be the one that brings me the most joy in any given moment!”

And then a new world opened up in front of me! When you make such a decision (Try it!), you are then present in the moment all the time, you are “here and now”, you pay attention to how you feel in every single moment. Listen to your emotions that guide you and show you the way to your path of joy and allowance and ease… I realized how quickly life can become magical, easy and exciting! Suddenly I would meet people who told me the right things, or the people I said the right thing to, and we would connect so fast and easily. When I wished to go for a City tour in the next moment I stumbled across a new friend who also wanted to go for a City tour. The time when I wanted to exchange the currency for the reservation of the next cruise, the system was not working. I had little time left before the agency closed to make the payment. Then I remembered the meaning of contrast, and immediately focused on what I wanted, got back into alignment, and strongly remained focused… all of a sudden the system started working again, which surprised the personnel…But it didn’t surprise me 🙂

Every manifestation is instant manifestation!

Actually, the only truth is that every manifestation is instant manifestation. The Universe responds to our state of being NOW. What we are putting out here and now is what comes back to us, what we see, hear, feel… It is beliefs that often do not allow us to experience what we had desired, but by constantly choosing joy, in every single moment, you will soon become aware of those beliefs. And release them.

And if you stay strongly and powerfully in your decision to choose joy, regardless of where you are now, regardless of some old limiting beliefs that might have come out, regardless of the resistance standing on your way towards your desired manifestation, if you are still determined to choose joy, to choose the next step that would bring you more joy, you will overcome all the obstacles… One by one… And your Vortex will start surprising you constantly! Not only day by day, but moment by moment.

All you have in this moment is this moment itself. Only that. Here and now. So why not choose here and now your moment of greatest joy?

Love you all 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Cruise experience with Esther Hicks

  1. Dennis says:

    Thank you for sharing that!! Looking forward to the next cruise 😀 What a delicious yummy fun experience that was. Your story reminded me of one day I also woke up and decided that today is going to be my best day EVER!! Got up opened the curtains to meet the morning sun and see the new harbour we arrived. I remember walking over the decks and felt like I was floating haha. Everyone was so friendly holding doors and starting conversations with me in the lifts, the buffet and everywehere I went. Thank you for reminding me that everyday is supposed to be like that…JOY IS THE KEY 😀


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